What is sourdough?

Sourdough bread is fermented and leavened using biodiverse wild microorganisms that slowly work on the dough giving it unique a texture and flavour. The resulting bread, is an artisan, traditional and delicious alternative to mass produced loaves. Sourdough bread comes in all shapes and sizes - it is the wild microorganisms that unite them.

Can I pause my subscription while I go on holiday?

Yes, you can pause your bread subscription whenever you like (please give us a couple of days notice). You can do so using the customer portal (where you can make other changes to your subscription, for example changing bread or adding coffee and eggs), or by using the contact form below.  

When will my bread be delivered?

You can change the bread on your subscription by using the customer portal, where you can do various other things, like pausing your deliveries, or adding eggs.

Can I add anything else to my weekly subscription?

You can also add some freshly ground speciality coffee.

Sourdough, delivered.